Private Equity has become a buzzword now. Every project or business plan needs a judicious mixture of loan and equity for the business to be viable and successful. However many a times it is a constraint of the promoter that you do not have adequate capital to put in the required equity capital. At the same time if you do not put in enough equity your debt cannot be raised as the debt equity ratio becomes unacceptable, as also the debt servicing capacity of the project might not be adequate. At this point certain players including Private Equity Funds & Venture Capital Funds come into picture and take part of the equity of the project so that the balance financial closures can be made.

We can arrange for the most aggressive deals in Private Equity Sphere with the maximum possible valuation and least possible discounting. We also arrange for private equity deals as small as US$ 2.00 mn, which is very difficult to arrange normally as every one want to do the big deal.