It is the dream of every one of us to buy our own house. Moreover in the recent times the way the property prices have started rising again and now is the right time to buy property. However often our dream house or the preferred investment as the case may be, is often priced higher than the immediate liquid cash available to us. Yet we want to buy that very property and how we wish we had additional cash at our disposal so that we can buy the same. Now a days it has become more of a routine than an exception to buy/build/renovate your dream property by means of a housing loan. Bank can fund up to 85% of the cost of acquisition of the property subject to meeting of income criteria and up to 60% of the cost of acquisition even without meeting the income criteria.

We have a Special Scheme under which your home loan if over 20 lacs can work as an overdraft account, so if you have funds to spare you can save interest and yet can redraw the same in case you require it.

We can ensure that we get you the best deals for your requirement of home loan with maximum possible finance at the minimum possible rates.