We all have our investments and one of our most valuable assets is our property holdings. The property assets constitute a very important percentage of our net worth. Further the property is an investment/asset in which one can always a positive growth in terms of value. In fact in recent times the property holding have given astronomical returns. Under these circumstances one would not like to dispose of his property holdings as he is expecting further rise in prices. However there might be some other needs of money and one might not have other resources to raise the same. Banks can lend you funds against your real estate assets, helping you to retain the assets to gain on appreciation and at the same time providing you with the required liquidity. The normal loan against property is an EMI based facility wherein the banks disburse the entire sanctioned amount at one go and collect fixed monthly instalments. This might be costlier in times when you require these funds for your normal business operations, as there might be times when you might have spare funds, yet you have to pay interest. For business, banks can provide the loan against property of the promoters, and even their relatives and associates in the form of a property overdraft. This way you pay interest only on the amount you use and only for the period that you use.

We can ensure that we get you the best deals for your requirement of overdraft against your property with maximum possible finance at the minimum possible rates.