Every business activity must ultimately result in a sale. But for the sale to happen you must first have the goods ready. To get the goods ready for shipment to the buyer you need to buy the raw materials, do the value addition which is your speciality, and pack the same. Many a times it needs more time to get the whole consignment ready and you cannot get adequate credit for the suppliers or you may get a better margin if you can avail of the cash discounts. To do that you need money. One of the simple ways of getting this money is packing credit, where you get finance from the bank to get the material readied packed and shipped, or in other words Pre Shipment Credit. This is more so in case you have confirmed order from reputed organisations or purchase orders backed by letter of credits.

We can arrange for Packing Credit Facilities at most competitive rates of interest, including rates linked to foreign currencies. We can even arrange for takeover and/or enhancement of existing Packing Credit limits with lowering of charges and collaterals.